Why Some Of Our Contracts Aren't Private


After a lot of research and discussion, we've decided to make our DEFI smart contracts transparent. We did this to increase trust and reduce corruption. For your own safety, we recommend that you assume ALL on chain transactions are public.

An example of how you can be linked to an account

Your account has interacted with a centralized exchange you have provided identification to.

In the example above, a user has created an account on Binance, provided identification, and then sent SCRT to their account.

Some examples of how your account can be linked to a smart contract

1. Your account directly interacts with a smart contract.

2. You transfer tokens to a contract and someone has access to the viewing key for that contract.

3. You send tokens to a contract, which changes something that is viewable. An example would be if you deposited a token into an earn contract, and the contract's balance went up.

How to maintain privacy

You can maintain privacy by obtaining an account that can't be linked to you. You can do this by using a privacy coin such as Monero, and an exchange that does not require identification. In the example below, a user buys SCRT from Binance, creates two Monero accounts, swaps the SCRT for Monero via SimpleSwap.io and has the Monero sent to account #1, sends the Monero from account #1 to #2, creates a Secret Network account, then swaps the Monero to SCRT through SimpleSwap.io and has it sent to their Secret Network account.